Monday, June 18, 2018

You Could Save Hundreds of Dollars on Your Co-Pays

If you take any brand name prescription medication without generic alternative and your copay is expensive, you could easily save money by simply bringing a coupon or copay card to your pharmacist. This could save you hundreds of dollars in some cases depending on your insurance plan, copay, and/or medication. The coupons for the most brand name medications are usually provided by their manufacturer and they can be easily found on their website. However, in order to use the copay card, the drug price should go through your third party private insurance first. The copay card will most likely not work if you have government sponsored insurance or have no insurance. Below are few links to the coupon websites for common brand-name medications.

Advair Coupon
Eliquis Coupon
Humalog Coupon
Humira Coupon
Januvia or Janumet coupon
Lantus Coupon
Lyrica Coupon
Novolog Coupon
Xarelto Coupon
Xifaxan Coupon

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